Huang Zitao Goes on Livestream and Says That He Really Wants to Fall in Love

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Huang Zitao gets real in an emotional rant that’s adorable because of how honest he is also, but also a bit sad if you think about it. Lately, he’s been sharing his love for the rom-com Crash Landing On You and how he’s had to hold back tears while watching since he had work the next day. And what’s a k-drama fan without being a little romantic at heart. 

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In a recent livestream, Huang Zitao reveals just how much he wants to fall in love. He says, “Love, when you’re watching it you’ll feel that it’s so sweet and so good, but actors, really, after the acting is done and you don’t know who you like and can’t seem to meet someone you like, it really feels so empty. I say this, I really want to fall in love, my dream in life, my dream is to walk proudly on the street with a woman while holding hands. When I feel like kissing her, I will, and I’ll be with this person no matter what. This is my dream. For real. Without hiding anything, if I want to kiss her, I will, if I want to hug her I will, if I want to pinch her (cheeks), I will. It doesn’t matter if anyone’s filming or not. This is my dream. (Sighs) I believe one day it will come true. I wish this for you too. Really, if you like someone then you should go for it, even if you know that you have no way to be with this person forever or that there’ll be no outcome in the future, it doesn’t matter. If you like this person and they like you back why not be together and live in the moment, a lot of times memories are more beautiful than reality. If you have memories with this person, it’ll be different. At least in the process you were both happy, you gave each other important memories. You know, what irks me most is when people, some people, give reasons… What am I saying again, I don’t wanna say anymore. I’m not thinking straight, I am not thinking straight right now. After all, the leading man in Crash Landing On You is also someone who can’t express himself well.” 
He had more to say as he took to Weibo, “I have it too hard… I’m clearly only 27… and still 26 right now…… I’ll turn 27 this year!!!! For someone like me who wants to fall in love… I imagine and long for a future of a beautiful meeting, thinking about it makes me very happy… but what I think in my head, will definitely come true. Hahaha.” 
Why do I feel like it was a drunken rant, but I hope he finds what he’s looking for. 
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