Hu Yitian Shows He’s Still Cool Despite Becoming the Comic Relief in My Roommate is a Detective

hu yitian my roommate is a detective
My Roommate is a Detective 民国奇探 opened with Hu Yitian’s main protagonist waking up a murder suspect and running from the cops. He comes face to face with Leon Zhang Yunlong’s police inspector and attempts the lamest snake kung fu before getting himself knocked out in one punch. 

The first few minutes of the drama already tease Hu Yitian in a role that’s much different from his usual ones. Despite being a genius, his character is adorably shameless, cowardly and the comic relief of the detective trio that also includes Shane Xiao Yan as the female reporter. 

Hu Yitian first rose to fame playing the genius male lead in A Love So Beautiful. He was again a man of few words yet possessed mad gaming skills in Go Go Squid! This year, he was the graceful and righteous wuxia hero Hua Wuque in Handsome Siblings. See the trend hereHu Yitian’s change in style is a pleasant surprise. The actor actually joked about it when he shared some smexy photos of himself in the pool saying that it’s his attempt to redeem his recent image as a comedic star. 

hu yitian swimming pool
hu yitian
hu yitian
hu yitian
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