Grace Chow Confirms Breakup with Show Luo and Dishes the Dirt to Say He Cheated with Multiple Women

There has been too much speculation about Taiwanese singer-actor-host Show Luo and Chinese influencer Grace Chow’s relationship status that started from seemingly baseless assumptions that became more and more believable especially now that their 9 year relationship has indeed come to an end. 

Breakup Rumors
Rumors started after netizens noticed that the two have stopped interacting on social media since January. This April, Show Luo being spotted at a pool party with many female influencers got him flak especially in this time of the pandemic and it also exacerbated breakup rumors with Grace Chow. However, the two have kept mum save fo cryptic posts that many interpreted as them throwing shade at each other. 
In March, Show went on a Douyin (China’s Tik Tok) to say that a bare face meant having no plastic surgery when his girlfriend Grace Chow has in fact been very open about getting cosmetic procedures in the past. Grace seemed to retaliate in kind by wearing a T-shirt from a brand that Show’s fashion label had allegedly ripped off. Grace also appeared to have a new pixie cut in her recent photos although she later clarified that she wouldn’t change her hair for anyone and didn’t actually get a haircut. It’s hardly new for gossips to run wild in showbiz even in the absence of any solid proof but this time, it seems that the saying where there’s smoke, there’s fire holds true. 
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Grace Chow Announces Breakup
In a lengthy post on social media, Grace Chow has confirmed that the two have indeed broken up. She also went on to dish the dirt about Show during their relationship. She writes, “Show Luo and I have been broken up for some time now (haven’t said anything because I didn’t want to take up public resources during the sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 epidemic some time ago).
So much time has passed that I can now be completely calm and even scoff in telling everyone what has happened. Of course, so much time has passed that I am writing this not out of impulse from a recent breakup nor is it out of a vengefulness that I’m unable to quell. This letter below is written for him.
Hey~ Show Luo:
When we were still together and I asked you jokingly, “If one day we broke up, what do you think I will do?” You said: You will definitely compose a very long rap to diss me.” You even had the lyrics composed for me already. But you guessed wrong! I did not write a song. I have chosen to write you a long composition. In the past, I used to help you think up captions on Weibo, this time can be considered the last time I will write a long composition to you.
The reason we broke up was because I looked through your phone even though you told me more than once that trust in each other is the most important thing between two people and that checking each other’s phones will destroy this trust, so you don’t like it! (You can say that I obediently listened to your words for 9 years and never once looked through your phone in such a long time) but this time because of some reasons, I looked~ and it’s a good thing I did!
If I didn’t look, I wouldn’t know that you actually had a cellphone that you used especially for picking up girls. It turns out that almost everyday that I wasn’t home, you would invite girls home and the key thing is they were all different girls.
In every city you go to, you’re able to meet girls from the hotel. You and the female artist under your company that you introduced to me once and even your makeup artist, you’ve had long-term improper men and women relations with them.
And you and your guy friends are so disrespectful towards the women that you call to hang out with. Even worse, you will often have ‘group activities’ that normal people can’t even imagine…… These things that turned my values upside down, all of it happened to you who I loved the most and loved for 9 years…
Now that I think about it, I was really stupid. Why didn’t I let go the first time I caught you cheating? Every time I am moved by your promises and apologies, I repeatedly forgive your betrayal but still cling to hope, feeling like only I understand you, that only I can accompany you and change you.
Do you think you really loved me Show Luo? There must have been real love…
Otherwise, why would you drop your work schedule in order to spend special occasions with me, you never went public with any girlfriend but was willing to introduce me to the public. Such a majestic lion was even willing to let friends think that you are afraid of me (You said that being scared is because you care and love). You have also done so many romantic things for me and put your heart into every thing concerning me. Whether you were unhappy or sad, you would share it with me at first instance. After dating for so long, we still called each other everyday with the phones never leaving our hands. You cried for me and laughed with me. (Heavens! This part where I write about the good side is fast becoming longer than the part where I write about the bad).
But for a person who loved me so much, how could you do these things… The main thing is how did you find all that time?!! I talk to you everyday until 3 or 4 in the morning before saying good night. Do you sacrifice sleep just to be able to meet p (meet for sex)?!
If we broke up because our personalities were different or because you fell in love with someone else, I will definitely be the good ‘ex-girlfriend’. I won’t say anything after the breakup and coolly say, we are still good friends~
But sorry, this circumstance is too unique. Because I know, now and in the future, there will be many, many girls who will still innocently believe that they are (aside from me) your only one even as you lie to them. Ladies, don’t ever be so confident that you feel like you can change someone because some people, they are jerks, it’s inborn. (You are so, so, so, so, so x100 a jerk!!!)
But I would still thank you, even though this nine years of youth didn’t have an outcome (and it’s a good thing there is no outcome), but I was happy during the majority of our time together. If not for this last blow, the memories you left me are still beautiful, thank you for your companionship all these years!
If you ask me if I regret it, I don’t regret because you have made me better. Because of you, I have grown, matured and become more independent.
If you ask me if I’m sad? I’m not sad because you are not worth it.” 
Show Luo’s Response Following Grace Chow’s Accusations
A few hours after Grace Chow’s controversial announcement of their breakup, Show Luo took to social media to say, “First of all, I’m very sorry that my personal affairs are taking up public resources, thank you everyone for all your concerns. Perhaps many people are waiting to see how I will respond, but I just want to say two people experience things together whether it’s happy things or bad times, we’ve been on and off many times in this nine years, I will reflect on things that I have done wrong. Many things cannot be explained in a few words and I won’t explain anymore. Thankful for having met and fallen in love in this lifetime. I don’t regret it either @GraceChow.”
Show Luo is completing his quarantine as he is expect to start shooting for Produce Camp 2020. He is also expected to return for another season of Go Fighting!
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