Dylan Wang and Zhu Xudan Stars as the Dragon King and Maidservant in Xianxia Romance Drama

dylan wang zhu xudan
Just announced today is the drama adaptation of Yulong 龙 which fans of Stairway to Stardom may find familiar since it was the drama being filmed within that modern drama about showbiz. Yu Long will be turned into a xianxia centering on the story of a maidservant who rescues a snake, only it turns out it wasn’t a snake at all but a thousand year old dragon!

Dylan Wang whom we last saw in Ever Night 2 opposite Song Yiren, will star as the dragon, Yuchi Longyan. He will be joined by Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms baddie, actress Zhu Xudan as Liu Ying. Liu Ying is the maidservant who saves Yuchi Longyan’s life and whom he wants to marry as repayment.
Both actors were spotted trying on period clothes last week and Dylan was even photographed trying on a long blondish wig in the costume fitting. With today’s announcement, I guess we now finally have confirmation as to what these two were preparing for. 
Yulong held its boot ceremony today which means filming for the drama has already started.
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