Crystal Liu: Certified Cat Lady

crystal liu
Okay let me rephrase that to be more inclusive – Crystal Liu is a certified pet lady. It’s no secret that the Mulan actress is obsessed with cats, or animals for that matter. Not only was it was reported in the past that she and her mum work closely with non profits to take in strays and find them forever homes, but you just need to hop on over to her social media page to see for yourself just how much she loves ‘em. 

crystal liu cats
And boy does she not hold anything back posting about her love for her furry friends. Her Weibo’s choc full of snapshots of her cute feline pals and the cuddly canines she comes across from all over which makes my job even harder (ok not really) to choose which photos to put up together with this article. *lol* Any pet owner can tell you that their fur babies are just that – their babies. They’re our four legged companions that are simply brimming with unconditional love.
Gah! Get ready to oooh and aaaah to some photos of her super adorable four legged friends – ??
crystal liu
crystal liu yifei cat lady
crystal liu dog
crystal liu cat
crystal liu cat
crystal liu cat
crystal liu cat
crystal liu kitten
liu yifei animals
liu yifei black cat
liu yifei pets
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