Chen Kun Twinning With Now Grown Up Son Youyou

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Wow it’s hard to believe Youyou, actor Chen Kun’s son, is practically all grown up now. At 18 years old, he could almost pass off as Chen Kun’s younger brother, what with Youyou being almost as tall as his father already. Although the 44 year old actor remains unmarried at present, that he has one son has been openly known in the industry for years – and if you didn’t know, well, you only have to take a look at actor’s Instagram to hazard a guess as his son usually makes an appearance on his feed every once in a while.

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Whereas Youyou is a “secret” openly acknowledged by everyone, one thing that remains under tight wraps is the identity of Youyou’s mother who is still a well kept mystery until today. Netizens have noted from the pair’s multitude of photos that father and son don’t look a lot like each other – for example dad has double eyelids while his son doesn’t – and with Chen Kun quite secretive about things, it’s not surprising that rumours occasionally crop up here and there about who could the birth mother of his child be. 
Nevertheless, if there’s anything for sure though, it’s how Chen Kun seems to be killing it in the solo dad department. Parenting is hard enough when there’s both mom and dad to raise the kids, but to do it as a single parent is ten times even harder! However, seeing just how close the two of them are to each other really drives home the fact how hard this particular celebrity dad is trying to make balancing fatherhood and a career as an actor work, and how successfully he’s been able to manage it so far.
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