Carman Lee Shows Off Her Quarantine Bod

carman lee abs
While some of us struggle to get in a wee exercise these days and socially distance ourselves from the contents of our fridge (ahem), the always youthful looking Hong Kong veteran actress Carman Lee reveals how she’s been keeping herself fit while staying home. Ever since ending her 10 year hiatus from showbiz, Carman has worked in several projects like last year’s Begonia Rouge and a special appearance in the hit series The Untamed.  In her personal time, Carman has made it no secret that exercise is one of her beauty secrets to staying fabulous at her age. But with the gym a no go, what’s a girl to do?

carman lee workout
Well, as they say, when there’s a will there’s a way – “with the doors to the gym closed, you can always try to set up a temporary home work out corner and adapt your fitness routine to the home just like me!” says the actress. Carman’s enthusiasm certainly puts to shame all my half-hearted attempts at working up a sweat but sometimes it’s just hard to muster up some enthusiasm some days you know.  To further give us that little push, the actress also shared some photos of her enviously toned abs, because … why not right? She worked hard for it so why not show it off a little if it helps to motivate others to get fit and strong.
carman lee 50s
Fortunately, we can all keep working on our v-lines while working out at home

What have you guys been doing to keep fit?

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