After Talks That It’s Ill-Suited Due to the Pandemic, Held in the Lonely Castle Gets a New Title and Premiere

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After a fake out that had everyone thinking that Held in the Lonely Castle 孤城闭 would air last month on Hunan TV, it’s for real this time as the show announces an April premiere and a new title. 

Now known as Serenade of Peaceful Joy 清平乐, the Wang Kai-led drama is set to appear daily on primetime as it secures a premiere date of April 7, 2020 on Hunan TV. It will also air online on streaming site Tencent. I quite liked the old title which is the same as the novel it’s based on but there were already speculations that Held in the Lonely Castle was too inappropriate for current times. Its Chinese title literally translates to Lonely, Shut City. It implies a castle that’s in isolation which seemed too close to home given the lockdown measures that China had taken during its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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While the reason for the title change is never explicitly stated, the new one does have a positive ring to it. I’m personally very excited for this. Although the story itself seems to have diverged from the novel given how it has shifted to Wang Kai’s emperor as the main character instead of the princess and her eunuch, Daylight Entertainment has a proven track record for well-made productions. I especially love their historicals Nirvana in Fire and most recently, The Story of Minglan
Serenade of Peaceful Joy also stars Maggie Jiang Shuying, Ren Min, Yang Le, Bian Cheng, Ye Zuxin, Yu Entai and Wang ChuranWill you be watching?
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Serenade of Peaceful Joy
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