About is Love Season 2 Teases Three Possible Concepts for Maybe It’s Love

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It’s been a year and four months since About is Love first aired. This little web drama with a cast of fresh faces may have familiar tropes like the CEO with OCD who finds love but it found its niche of viewers who fell for the story and became invested in not just one but the three main couples. And good news, it’s coming back for a second season!

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As an April Fool’s Day surprise, Maybe It’s Love 大约是爱II released a short teaser to announce not one but three unique concepts featuring Yan Xi and Xu Xiaonuo in ancient times, Cai Yijia and Yang Xinying in the Republican era and finally, Hu Wenzhe and Sukie Li Xinbo in the modern day. Aside from asking the audience to guess which concept they will end up filming, the show also held a quick poll to ask which of the three choices people preferred: 1) a sequel of About is Love 2) a parallel universe with a new story 3) anything as long as the cast returns. 
maybe it
I have never seen a show being such a tease but it does seem like a clever way to keep people engaged. It’s certainly piqued my curiosity. 
maybe it
maybe it
maybe it
maybe it
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