Aaron Yan Encourages People to Follow Safety Protocol After Seeing Woman Refusing to Wear a Mask

aaron yan
Appreciate the hard work of the epidemic prevention staff and all the trouble police and medical personnel go through. Wearing a mask is for your own protection and it’s really not that hard to work together for the good of the community” laments former Fahrenheit member and Taiwanese actor Aaron Yan. The reason for his complaint on social media? A woman who looks like she just didn‘t give a fig about keeping herself or everyone else around her safe.

In the video shared by the actor, MRT staff and police are trying to talk a woman into wearing a face mask which they offered her. As part of its epidemic prevention measures, Taiwan has made wearing a mask compulsory when taking the MRT and buses to protect commuters. The woman in the clip refuses and attempts to board the train ignoring their pleas. I mean, really. How hard is it to just put on the mask and follow the safety regulations set by the government. Was it worth all the trouble to ignore the people who are doing their best to keep everyone safe?  

Because indeed, “that one person in the clip had four personnel asking her to cooperate. Four people who could’ve allocated their precious time and energy doing more meaningful things than to follow you and ask you to wear a mask.” 
As anyone with an active lifestyle will know, it definitely hasn’t been easy spending each day cooped up at home except to get some necessities. But because we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve and ensuring those around us who are more vulnerable to the disease will stay safe, I don’t mind switching up my routine to adapt. In contrast to the front liners who are risking their lives day by day to protect us, it’s only fair that we too also do our small bit to help contain the epidemic. 
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