Zheng Shuang Adorable in Childhood Photos as She Reflects on Becoming a Woman

zheng shuang
Actress Zheng Shuang has always made it no secret that she’s been under the knife in the past. In an industry that’s still quite secretive about “having some work done”, her openness about having plastic surgery and her frank attitude are some of the things people appreciate about her. Now I’ve heard that people who’ve had plastic surgery would sometimes throw away their old pictures so there won’t be any “Before” photos of them pre-surgery, but in a refreshing throwback this week, the actress shared some never been seen photos of herself in various stages growing up complete with chubby cheeks!
Can we just pause here for a minute to appreciate how confident and empowered she must be feeling to be sharing these photos on the internet, cause once you put it out there, well, there’s really no going back.  Perfect timing too since today is Women’s Day, when we celebrate the achievements of powerful, strong, brave and inspiring women in our lives.

Some photos of Zheng Shuang posing for the camera in a multitude of costumes.
The actress also shares an inspiring message for all women together with the photos – 
When I was young, I always thought about what kind of a woman I would become when I grew up. Are you also like me? When you were young, were you curious and confused about what is to come?Over the years, I have seen many life stories, some of them in the characters I play, and some of them from the letters sent to me by fans. Although our lives are different, we each have our own yearnings.
What kind of a woman will we eventually become when we grow up? Only time will tell. Everyone often says that Zheng Shuang is a very different person, but I hope that each one of us can live in a way that is unique and authentic to ourselves. I want to tell you, be true to your heart and be your own woman. A girl has to go through many stages before growing up and becoming a woman. I hope everyone can live out the different “Faces Of Girl” to their heart’s desire. 

Tomorrow is Women’s Day (her post was published a day prior) and I wish all the women in the world a happy holiday, and to no longer be unsure about the future.”

From her dramas like Meteor Shower to LoveO2O, Zheng Shuang’s youthful appearance and temperament have successfully captured the hearts of many fans. But I gather, she just earned herself some more new fans with her refreshing attitude and candor.

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