Zhao Zhiwei Denies Past Rumors With Esther Yu, Says He ‘Didn’t Date, Didn’t Cheat’

Since Youth with You 2 青春有你2 started airing, there have been many trending topics about the show and there’s no denying that Esther Yu Shuxin who joined as a trainee despite already being an actress is one of them due to her quirky tendencies and animated expressions

Scene from the Chinese drama Youth
With her rise in popularity, it seems that her past is also in the spotlight with rumors that the she dated actor Eden Zhao Zhiwei in the past but that he cheated on her. In response, Zhao Zhiwei took to social media to say, “Didn’t date, didn’t cheat, didn’t depend on anyone, only on myself. Just want to prove my innocence, not doing this to trend, God watches what people do and I have a clear conscience, please leave me be! I have no intention to use up public resources at the time of the epidemic, please pay more attention to the epidemic! Thank you!”
Esther Yu and Zhao Zhiwei are both artists under Huace Media. In 2016, the two participated in the reality show Graduation 一年级,毕业季 where Esther pursued Zhao Zhiwei and was turned down when she confessed her feelings. However, things took a surprising turn later on when Zhao Zhiwei invited her to dance and said that he liked her. The two also starred together in Youth 最亲爱的你, also known as the Chinese remake of the 2016 Korean drama Hello, My Twenties!
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