Zhao Liying Wins Defamation Lawsuit, Waives Penalty Due to Offender’s Background and Age

Zhao Liying’s lawyers, Beijing Xingquan Law Firm, recently released a notice regarding the case that the actress filed against three weibo users that have launched personal attacks and insults directed at the actress between 2018 to 2019. On Feb 28, a verdict was passed indicating that Zhao Liying has won the lawsuit against the users for infringing on her reputation. The offenders were required to issue public apologies and pay damages. 
However, as one of them was underage when they were sued and had reached out to Zhao Liying’s lawyers to acknowledge their mistake and willingness to publicly apologize to the actress, Zhao Liying’s side took into consideration the person’s age and family hardship in deciding to conclude the lawsuit with just a public apology, thereby waiving the monetary fines. 
In his/her apology, the weibo user explained recently becoming an adult, having no income and coming from a poor family. However, he / she was very thankful to Zhao Liying for waiving the penalty. 

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