Alina Zhang Apologizes to the Other Zhang Meng After the Latter Thought She Was Throwing Shade

Two actresses who both go by the name Zhang Meng became the talk of the town in C-ent earlier today. Alina Zhang Meng was thought to be throwing shade at an actress sharing a similar-sounding name as her who didn’t take the remark sitting down. 

A netizen had asked Alina Zhang who currently stars in I Will Find You a Better Home if she had something done to her face to which she responded, “I am Meng 萌 (her name), not Meng 檬 (the other actress’s name).” With such a curt response, netizens assumed that Alina Zhang was pointing out that the other Zhang Meng had plastic surgery. 
zhang meng
Zhang Meng in Legend of Kaifeng
Zhang Meng who starred in dramas like Legend of Kaifeng in the past has kept out of the spotlight after she was caught in a scandal as the third party in Eternal Love of Dream actress Liu Yuefei’s marriage. 
Nonetheless, Zhang Meng took to social media to voice her thoughts, “Teacher @ZhangMeng, we met once during an event and have many common friends, I have not filmed anything in two years, you can say that I’ve left showbiz for quite some time. I heard that you mentioned me today. I thought to myself, I really don’t know that I ever did anything bad to you, this is not the first time this has happened, really don’t want to be taking up public resources during these extreme times, if there is something to be said, let’s contact each other and talk in private.”
Alina Zhang in I Will Find You a Better Home
Before things got further out of hand, Alina Zhang responded through a video message. She says that with her new drama airing, netizens would leave her comments asking if she had plastic surgery because she looked completely different from when she was in My Daughter 夏家三千金 (she wasn’t, it’s the other Zhang Meng’s drama). Alina says that she had to explain repeatedly that they’re two different people with names that sound the same but written differently. 
For her comment to have been misconstrued, Alina sends her apology to Zhang Meng, adding that she really didn’t mean anything other than to explain that they got the wrong person. She also apologized for taking up everyone’s time and thought to make the video because written words can be misunderstood. 
So that pretty much clears it up. To be honest, people seem too quick to jump into conclusions especially behind the keyboard. I suppose it’s the reality of the internet age.

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