Zhang Hanyun Says She’s Single in the Face of Marriage Rumors with Princess of Lanling King Co-Star Peng Guanying

What’s a girl to do when she sees news of her supposed marriage splashed out on social media? The latest celebrity to catch the attention of the rumour mill today is actress Kristy Zhang Hanyun who was purported to have registered for a marriage license with rumoured beau Peng Guanying.  Ever since working together in the drama Princess of Lanling King in 2013, the two have been said to be secretly dating each other if rumours are to be believed. Neither parties have confirmed or denied the relationship specifically, although Peng Guanying did say in an interview once that he prefers to date non-showbiz ladies.

This was not the case this time as Kristy immediately took to social media to cut short any more speculation about her and Peng Guanying getting hitched. In a super short post, the actress went straight to the point when she apologised for taking up the public’s time and attention and said that she never had the intention to do so during this critical period. Kristy emphasises that she’s “SINGLE and UNMARRIED and that she just wants to live a good life.” So please, she says, can Netizens stop making up more stories and spreading false rumours about her.
That certainly cleared things up. Let her make the announcement in her own time if she has anything to share. Besides, if you were in her shoes and indeed had some happy news to share, I reckon you’d prefer to make your own announcement instead of having people preempting things and raining down on your parade right?
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