Youth With You 2 Debut of Trainee Caught in Past Dating Rumors with Kris Wu Draws Controversy

Being caught in romance rumours with a popular idol might not be such a good thing. Of course I’m talking about Luna Qin, also known as Qin Niu Zheng Wei in the idol making show Youth With You 2 青春有你, who in August last year was spotted holding hands with former EXO member Kris Wu one evening. Although the idol trainee immediately denied the relationship on social media, the subsequent controversy that erupted afterwards undoubtedly pushed her under the spotlight.

Nevertheless, all the hype attached to her name might have put her at a disadvantage because people were clearly expecting MORE – and “MORE”, was definitely not what they got from last night’s performance judging from people’s reactions. 
Pairing up with fellow trainee Yang Yutong to perform the song “Luxing Zhong Wangji”, Qin Niu Zheng Wei’s voice was a tad weaker than her partner’s, and her performing portions of the song in a speaking monologue also didn’t help to showcase her singing voice at all. Even the judges weren’t too impressed and Ella Chen, the show’s voice mentor, commented on her unstable pitch and broken tones. All of which eventually led to her being assigned to class D, the second to the last ranking in the competition.
Honestly when it comes to first performances, things usually tend to blend together and people usually forget about it. But seeing all the publicity she got long before the competition started, let’s just say that the more intense than normal scrutiny on her performance was pretty much a given. It’s going to be a long and arduous journey to the top for Qin Niu Zheng Wei that’s for sure. But hopefully, she’ll be able to bounce right back with all the extra coaching in the coming weeks.
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