Yang Zi’s Full On Protective Airport OOTD Draws All Eyes

Actress Yang Ziis definitely not leaving anything to chance as she appears in Ningbo airport today to resume work for her latest historical drama The Golden Hairpin 青簪行 opposite Kris Wu.  

For her airport lewk, the actress was sporting the popular head to toe black combo favoured by lots of celebs which she topped off with a bright yellow plastic raincoat. To complete her ensemble and likely to also ensure she’s well protected from whatever germs that can potentially wreak havoc to her back to work plans, Yang Zi also popped on a contrasting white face mask with her goggles plus a … I’m not exactly sure what it is but … another plastic mask slash visor that goes over her hat and some plastic gloves.
Pretty extra right? The actress surely stood out in the crowd and it wasn’t just because she’s a popular actress – it’s coz her whole look was quite eye catching! Truth be told, I couldn’t have possibly identified her underneath all the protective gear! Hope she was able to swiftly pass security check without anything beeping though because otherwise, it might’ve taken a while for her to remove her layers.
In a super packed airport, it’s easy to understand why Yang Zi felt she had to put on so much protective gear, after all we’re all still very anxious of the coronavirus epidemic that’s running wild across the world. Besides, after spending most of her time cooped up at home reading scripts, the actress isn’t letting any virus badly affect her health and stop her from getting back to work, so bring on the head to toe protection!
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