Yang Chaoyue Clears Questions of Cigarettes in Selfie — Claims They Were Her Cat’s

Yang Chaoyue bravely comes in defence of her roommate even at the face of a scandal. Recently, Yang Chaoyue posted an innocent selfie of herself hugging a cat on social media which was taken down almost immediately. Eagle-eyed netizens seem to have spotted the reason why as there was a cigarette box in the background leading to wild speculations that Yang Chaoyue smokes cigarettes or that she has brought a man to her home. 
For the 21-year-old Yang Chaoyue who’s maintained a youthful image as an idol since debuting as part of the girl group Rocket Girls through the survival show Producer 101, to be caught smoking could open her up to much criticism.  

Yang Chaoyue took to social media soon after, saying that she does not have anything to be scared of since it wasn’t hers. She wrote, “Case solved, it’s actually my cat’s. Trying to act cool after being legal, I’d like to reiterate that smoking is harmful to your health, beating up the cat already…” Netizens initially couldn’t figure out her meaning but eventually realized that she’s pertaining to her roommate, fellow Produce 101 alum Xiang Yuxing, and calling her a “cat” was a way to protect her image. 
A new post was subsequently posted by Xiang Yuxing who admitted that the cigarettes were in fact hers and that she thought of trying something new after recently becoming of legal age. She stresses that she doesn’t have the habit of smoking but admits that she failed to keep her own things properly. 
She also revealed screenshots of her conversation with Yang Chaoyue, showing the latter trying to stop her from coming out to clear things up. Even when Yang Chaoyue was already in hot water, she still insisted on protecting her roommate. In turn, her roommate apologized and asks for everyone to stop picking on Yang Chaoyue. 
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