Wu Chun’s Wife Took Their Wedding Photos Alone When He Was in Fahrenheit

It seems like former Fahrenheit member Wu Chun is often on the hot seat recently. After facing so many criticisms when he revealed that he was married before debuting, he had to face some more after a solo wedding picture of his wife Lin Liyin was revealed in the latest episode of variety show Before Wedding.

In the episode, the couple dined with their family members and one of them brought up Liyin’s pictures where she was by herself. Wu Chun explained that it was because they were in Taiwan and they couldn’t go public. If he had gone with her to take the wedding photo, then the world would know. One of the family members remarked that it was not a wedding photo, but more of a creative shot. 
Wu Chun then stressed the fact that he has been trying to convince his wife to have another photoshoot. He said that he has already found a photographer and a location for them to do it but she did not want to. One of Liyin’s relatives showed their family album containing a compilation of wedding pictures of everyone in Liyin’s family and said it was only missing theirs.
Liyin shared that she did not want to have a wedding photo shoot anymore because she thought it was unnecessary now that she’s already in her 40’s. However, her view about it changed when she saw that collection of her family’s wedding photos. She said that it will be meaningful to look back at the photos of her younger self when she becomes older. 
I admire Liyin for sticking with Wu Chun for all those times. I mean, it was really sad that she had to go through that wedding photo shoot by herself back in the day just to protect her husband’s career. Even if people are quite upset over what Wu Chun did, it’s also difficult to blame him when he did that to protect Liyin from the preying media and fans as well. I’m happy that we have this variety show to know more about this lovely couple. I can only hope that no matter what people say about their marriage, it can only strengthen it more.
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