Wu Chun’s House Looks Like It Came From An Idol Drama

Following one of the most surprising revelations in the entertainment industry recently, Wu Chun (Martial Universe) surprised us once again when his house in Brunei was shown in the currently airing Chinese reality show, Before Wedding

From this aerial shot, it can be seen that Wu Chun has a courtyard that is larger than his one-story house with a swimming pool that is nicely attached to it. You can actually liken it to a five-star villa resort that is only missing a beach nearby. I can already imagine this happy family having fun games and activities in their spacious courtyard with their children Nei Nei and Max under the sun!
It has already been known for years that the Bruneian actor has a very wealthy background with his father being the chairman of Brunei’s first automobile company and his uncle being part of the country’s top ten richest men. So this should not come off as a surprise anymore, but people were still left in awe with how it looked straight out of an idol drama. Something that Wu Chun was known to star in for years in Taiwan.
Although I have been missing him in Taiwanese idol dramas, it always makes me so happy to see him being very active in China and even bringing his whole family to star with him in reality shows. This was also the reason why his wife, Lin Liyin, decided to join this show even if she has always shied away from the spotlight. In a recent live stream with Wu Chun, she shared that seeing him bring their children to shows was fun and that filming was still mostly done in Brunei with her family so it did not become a problem for her anymore.
This is good news for all Wu Chun fans who do not only have access to seeing their family’s strong bond, but also see them in the comfort of their beautiful home!
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