Tiffany Hsu Dishes About Going on Dates with Her Beau and Says He’s Old Fashioned

Oooh what a lovely blast from the past to see It Started with a Kiss’ “Ziyu” aka Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu again! I personally haven’t been following any of her projects for quite a while now so it’s really nice to see her doing very well. Last that I heard, she broke up with fellow Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruanafter dating for 8 years so I’m happy to be catching up with some Tiffany Hsu news!

In a recent appearance for the talk show Hua Hua Wan Wu 花花萬物, the actress dished about her beau, cinematographer Liu You Nian who she describes as an old fashioned kinda guy.  Tiffany fondly recalls that when they were walking side by side on dates that they didn’t even hold hands. “We’ve been talking to each other for so many times already that you’d think when he finally asks you out that you’ll finally move to the holding hands stage. But nope, none of that just yet”. She recalls strolling through the different narrow lanes and hutongsdotting Beijing on a date once . Romantic right?  “We wandered around the hutongs for 8 hours and there were so many opportunities to hold hands in the darker alleys”. But until he walked her back to where she was staying at 5 am in the morning, not once did he even try to hold her hand!
Anyway, ever since the couple went public with their relationship a few years ago, rumours keep cropping up every once in a while of them tying the knot! Tiffany was previously spotted wearing a ring on her left third finger whilst on holiday with her BF hence sparking some engagement buzz. The pair were also reported to have moved into a new house in Taipei together which further added fuel to the speculations. However, the actress clarified that those were just rumours and that if there’s any “good news” to be had in the future that she’ll definitely share it with everyone! 
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