The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty (2020)

Thanks to his charismatic Hua Zelei in 2018’s Meteor Garden, Darren Chen’s star has continued to shine even brighter, especially now as he lands his very first leading role in a historical mystery drama entitled The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty 成化十四年. And it’s a drama produced by Jackie Chan no less!

Adapted from Meng Xishi’s 梦溪石 novel of the same name, the 48 episode series stars Darren and Fu Meng-po as our Ming dynasty sleuths Tang Fan and his crime solving partner, Sui Zhou. The drama will also star Liu Yaoyuan, Alyssa Chia, He Nan, Wang Maolei, Mao Yi, Huang Yang Tian Tian, Cai Yan, Zhang Bojia and Pan Shiqi.
Government official Tang Fan and Sui Zhou team up to investigate the suspicious looking death of his virtuous landlord. At first glance, things seem simple enough as the death appears to be a suicide. But things soon don’t add up and owing to the pair’s investigation, the culprit of the foul deed is finally captured. But all is not well in the grander scheme of things when they discover that the culprit and his minions were mere pawns in complex web of intrigue intended to wreak havoc and overthrow the government . . . all controlled by a wily puppet master.
Release Date: April 1, 2020 iQIYI
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