The Confidence (2020)

Financial genius He Yan (Cai Wenjing) is traumatised by a carjacking incident where she unexpectedly helps the police kill an assailant. But in an unexpected twist seven months later, one of the carjackers is not only alive but has also managed to reappear as Fu Shenxing (Peng Guanying), the president of the Fu Group. Fu Shenxing is out to extract revenge from He Yan, who still hasn’t gotten over the great trauma from that fateful night. To protect herself and her family, she joins forces with Xiao Wu (Liu Kai), a mole in Fu Shenxing’s organization who’s secretly helping the police collect evidence to freeze the Fu Group’s assets and do away with the organization completely. 

The Confidence 阳光之下, previously entitled The Controllers 掌中之物. is an urban suspense drama adapted from the novel of the same name written by Xian Cheng. The 44 episode series stars Elvira Cai Wenjing, Liu KaiPeng Guanying, Wang Jinsong, Yue Yang, Li Dongheng, Ma Li, Li Yan, Duo Bujie, Feng Lei and Sarina.
If you’ve already read the novel, set your expectations aside because Netizens are scratching their heads at the slight switcheroo done in terms of the main character in the plot. The original main lead in the novel was super villain Fu Shenxing but seems they switched things up and made He Yan’s character the main focus of the drama adaptation instead judging from the synopsis released. I haven’t read the novel so I don’t have any biases or expectations as to how each character should turn out so I guess I’ll just try to sit back and enjoy the adaptation for itself when it comes out.
Release Date: December 26, 2020 MGTV
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