Tavia Yeung and Hubby Him Law’s Baby Gender Reveal

It’s a girl for soon to be parents Tavia Yeungand Him Law!! So sorry to kill the suspense for y’all but I’m just happy to be passing along some joyous news since hearing some positive and uplifting things is very much needed right now. 

After four years of trying to start a family and countless (false) rumours to boot, the happy couple finally made their pregnancy announcement barely a month ago via a sweet little post sharing their ultrasound as well as a photo of mum and dad making little hearts. For yesterday’s gender reveal, an obviously radiant Tavia posted some beautiful photos of herself with her cute baby bump and a family photo of herself and hubby clearly floating on cloud nine with their little dumpling between them.
一個身體,兩顆心跳?素未謀面,卻感受至深….女人一輩子,大概只有這個旅程,會有人與你「合二為一,生活同步」同憂同喜,同食同睡???感恩我能體會這奇妙的旅程⋯⋯ 人説懷孕的女人最漂亮,我想是因她們臉上會流露出一種孕育生命才有的光芒吧…….❤❤母愛….❤️ 感激viola 為我特意準備的裙子,因為妳,另我認識了他們….Johnny&Susan人生兩個重要的時刻,都有你們的參與和記錄,感激??❤ 謝謝gipsy,u仔和Lie的鼎力幫忙,很想和大家分享這滿滿的期待??和愛❤️soon my life will be filled with all things little….little clothes …little books…little toys….?????little baby ??is coming @lawhimmm @johnnyproductions #weddingphotography @viola_kafry @violachanofficial @gipsy_cheung #我的小公主 #很想和妳牽牽手???? 每晚都看著妳在滾動???
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It’s all in the details: check out the low key gender reveal via the hashtag “my little princess”
Similarly, daddy Him also posted a little tribute of his own where he reminisced about the day Tavia told him he was going to become a dad –

I pretended to be calm while pacing back and forth. Finally I told her “Don’t speak nonsense.. have you asked the doctor yet?” As I watched my wife’s bump grow bigger day by day, I can now finally feel you as you move around. I feel wonderful and proud. Our precious baby is slowly getting bigger, life is an endless cycle. All I can do is to love you both even more… I look forward to the arrival of my little sweetheart. My dear wife thank you for your hard work.
Him used the hashtag “my little sweetheart” which is similar in use to the English “daddy’s girl” idiom.
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