Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruoyun are Pregnant with their First Baby!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope all of you are staying home and keeping safe with your loved ones. Most of us are probably feeling more than a little overwhelmed with all the worrying news and speculation about the spreading virus coming at us from left and right, so no doubt any happy news is a welcome reprieve (no matter if it’s just a temporary one) for those wanting a little breather. 

In a super low key announcement today, Jade Dynasty actress Tang Yixin just confirmed she and husband Zhang Ruoyun are pregnant with their first child.
The actress was spotted, where else but at the airport by paparazzi wearing loose clothes and a slightly rounded belly! I seriously don’t know how they can tell – her belly’s not even that big. It just looks like she ate a big meal you know? But anyway all the speculation is moot at this point since the parents-to-be already confirmed the “good news” on their social media accounts separately.
Tang Yixin writes a simple message: “Thank you everyone for your concern, indeed there’s finally good news?.” The actress did not forget to also caution everyone not to relax their vigilance and to carefully follow protective measures to ensure everyone’s continued health while this epidemic has not yet been 100% controlled.  Her husband Zhang Ruoyun wrote an even shorter message – simply saying “thank you for your concern”. 
Congratulations to the expecting parents! 
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