Gong Yoo Set to Play Tang Wei’s Husband in Star Studded Film ‘Wonderland’

Wow! Just when you thought your Wednesday was gonna turn out to be pretty average, K-ent just managed to create a huge buzz when news dropped that Goblin star Gong Yoo was set to join the already sparkly cast of the movie Wonderland. And playing his wife in the story? Why it’s the multi awarded Chinese actress Tang Wei. The two will only be playing a minor role in the film though and will join forces with the film’s leads Park Bo Gum and Suzy Bae who will also be playing a young couple, as well as Parasite star Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yu Mias the master controllers of Wonderland. All I can say is, what a cast it will be!

Directed by Tang Wei’s husband Kim Tae Yong, Wonderland is a simulated reality where people have the opportunity to reforge a connection with the loved ones they can no longer connect with in the real world.  Gong Yoo and Tang Wei are set to play husband and wife, except Tang Wei’s character has already passed.  For the sake of their child and to quell his own loneliness, he asks the powers that be to create a virtual version of his wife in Wonderland. Meanwhile, Suzy Bae and Park Bo Gum play a couple unable to reunite in real life after Park Bo Gum’s character falls into a coma.
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