Ruby Lin Slams Rumors of Bali Trip with Wallace Huo Despite Virus Outbreak

I guess we won’t be seeing a lot of throwback photos of celebrities traveling anytime soon. This did not do any good for Taiwanese power couple, Ruby Lin (Singing All Along) and Wallace Huo (Love Me If You Dare) who allegedly went to Bali despite the crazy global pandemic happening.  

Rumors started to circulate online when this photo came out – showing that the high profile couple were not observing the expected precautionary measure of wearing a face mask when traveling outside. 
Last March 24, Ruby Lin shot down all the rumors when she re-posted the article on her social media account, “Last year’s photo, used now to make noise”. The writer responsible for the gossip article already deleted the post.
I think it was really unfair for both Ruby and Wallace to have been judged by thousands of people all because of fake news. Like it happens so often nowadays, articles are written without any thought of the consequences. Glad that Ruby took immediate action about it as well.
With such a stressful outbreak ongoing for months now, the least that we can do is actually comfort each other with words instead of spreading malicious rumors about others.  
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