Reborn Actress Zhao Ziqi Lambasts Drama for Cutting Her Out of Promo Posters

The drama Reborn重生 has not even hit the screens yet, but it’s already begun making waves – albeit for the wrong reasons.  Imagine working your butt off for something only to be left out of the promo posters? This was the bitter pill Reborn actress Zhao Ziqi had to swallow when the promotional materials for the crime thriller were released earlier this week.

As to be expected, this didn’t sit very well for the actress who took to social media to lament the “unfair treatment” to her as the heroine of the show. Indeed if you look at the posters just dropped by the drama, only four have been released so far – that of Zhang Yi, the drama’s main protagonist, Zhang Hao Wei, Liu Guancheng and rising star Zhao Jinmai who plays a supporting role. I reckon it’s probably that last bit that got Zhao Ziqi’s goat – as the show’s heroine, she claims, shouldn’t she get first dibs?
Hahaha, jie (referring to herself) didn’t even merit a name! Not even deserving to get some web traffic !!!!! That’s great! Jie only warrants a few drama stills, not even her own poster. Not deserving to be the female lead in the drama! Okay, got it!” complains the actress in her first volley.
” Really, since your scenes are not indispensable, why don’t you just crop out all of my scenes! Don’t even put out my poster. Just post whoever’s popular why don’t you. I’ll just roll with your mess!” she adds. She goes on to clarify that she “doesn’t fight if it’s not hers, but it’s hers so just leave it there for her! Understand?
Zhao Ziqi is supposed to play police woman Feng Xiao in this new drama from the creative team behind 2017’s popular crime drama Day and Night which starred Pan Yueming who will also be making special cameos in this sequel. 
In all honesty, if her claim of being the “number 1 female” of the show is right, unsuspecting viewers will never even guess it because the posters show only Zhao Jinmai. So viewers can’t really be faulted too if they assume that Zhao Jinmai was the leading actress in this one. I feel bad for Zhao Ziqi if this is the case, and I also feel bad for Zhao Jinmai whose name will no doubt be indirectly dragged in the mud because of the production team’s giant mess. Here’s hoping they resolve things on a professional level before the drama airs and not leave things hanging just coz “any publicity is good publicity”.
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