Rainie Yang Slams Misleading Title About Her Holding a ‘Concert’ Despite COVID-19, Says It’s Online

Fresh from the highs of her online concert held on White Day (March 14), Rainie Yang shared some snaps of herself still wide awake and playing with someone else’s guitar (hubby Li Ronghao’s) at almost 3am as she couldn’t fall asleep from the lingering excitement of the night. 

The singer-actress had performed a slew of songs from her latest album Delete Reset Grow as well as many of her hit songs. Her TMELive performance attracted over 1.5 million viewers. It’s a nice gift from Rainie to her fans. However, a misleading report almost landed Rainie in hot water. 
Along with many public events, Rainie’s concert that was scheduled for last month in Shanghai had been cancelled in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, she came across a media headline which indicated that Rainie is pushing through with her concert irregardless of the epidemic. 
Rainie Yang took to social media to call out how such a headline can be damaging to a celebrity since she was being criticized by commenters who didn’t even read the article. She adds, “please, are you trying to destroy me with this headline…. I’m holding an online concert. Holding a concert irregardless of the epidemic is a misleading title, please don’t do this to someone. Furthermore, those who just went ahead and cursed me without reading the article are too much, even though they’ve been mislead but it’s still hurts the innocent, this world is very dark.” Rainie deleted her post after edits were made to the article. 
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