Putting Her Troubled Past Behind, Angela Zhang Shares Why She’s Become Bolder at Speaking Her Mind

Angela Zhang experienced a resurgence in her career through the show Singer 歌手 in 2018. But for many of us fans of Taiwanese idol dramas, she was the actress who starred in dramas like At Dolphin Bay in 2003 with Wallace Huo and Romantic Princess with Wu Chun in 2007. 

However, she was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2008 and went to Canada for treatment. Things did not go well with numerous controversies involving her parents over her finances and her mother accusing her daughter of being unfilial and taking drugs. It’s also no secret that she had a long-running feud with former label mate Christine Fan.
Stepping into the spotlight once more after many years away, Angela Zhang has gained a many fans for her singing talent as she puts the past behind and becomes bolder at speaking her mind. In her recent interview, Angela Zhang explains why she’s much braver voicing her thoughts now. She says, “I feel that life’s like that, it won’t be any worse than my lowest of low so why not just be myself, even if I’d get comments like why don’t you just go with the flow, isn’t it better to have one less problem than to have one more but there’s a voice that will say, no, this is wrong.” 
When asked if she’s referring to how she called a certain someone out on Weibo, Angela answers, “I seldom do that, there is only one situation where I would do that, if I know you’re in the wrong and I’ve held it in for many years but you never gave way, never realized your mistake and still kept pressing. This is something that I feel is very wrong so I will speak up.” The reason she started speaking up after being silent for so long was because she doesn’t feel the need to brownnose anyone. She doesn’t need to beg anyone for work so she can follow her heart. 
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