Pledis Entertainment Sues Zhou Jieqiong for Alleged Breach of Contract

zhou jieqiong
Today, Pledis Entertainment just announced via an official statement that a lawsuit has been filed against Zhou Jieqiong aka Kyulkyung, a former member of the girl group PRISTIN, for breach of contract.  The singer-actress has been with Pledis Entertainment since starting her career in the K-pop industry, and an exclusive contract exists between the two parties. It is also thanks to the efforts of Pledis and her Chinese management company XCSS Entertainment that she was able to secure a spot not only as a contestant in Korea’s Produce 101 but also as a mentor on Idol Producer, her very first acting gig in Miss Truth and a supporting role in Legend of Fei

pledis xcss sues zhou jieqiong
According to the statement, Zhou Jieqiong sent in a one-sided notice terminating her contract with Pledis Entertainment in September 2019 and is reportedly avoiding any further contact with them and XCSS Entertainment. This was done via post, email and messenger which kinda reminded me of the Taylor Swift – Joe Jonas breakup that happened over the phone and not face to face. Since then, the singer has been actively continuing her appearances and activities in China independently, which is a violation of their contract.
zhou jieqiong terminate contract
With all that’s been said, Zhou Jieqiong has responded with her own statement late this afternoon to explain her side, “Because of the significant problems that have surfaced in the course of my partnership with Pledis, I, Zhou Jieqiong, after much deliberation and careful thought about my career, have formally sent a lawyer’s letter to Pledis Entertainment and XCSS Entertainment on September 10, 2019 to request for the termination of our contract in written form. It was my hope that we can come to an amicable agreement legally without the distraction of personal matters. However since the issue is already out in the open, I’ll face this and try to resolve it fully
I don’t wish to argue any further about what’s right and wrong, all I can do is to work hard and strive to become a better version of myself to create better projects for everyone and to live up to the expectations of those who love and trust me. Thank you to the company for their guidance and for taking care of me all these years and I hope that we can both be better versions of ourselves in the future.”
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