Nodame Cantabile Remake Symphony’s Romance Strikes the Right Notes With Its First Stills

nodame cantabile chinese remake
Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟, the Chinese adaptation of Tomoko Ninomiya’s manga Nodame Cantabile finally finally allowed us inside with a little sneak peak at some of the scenes with co-stars Steven Zhang Xincheng who plays musical genius Li Zhen Yi  and Jelly Lin Yun from the drama.  And by little I really mean “little” since they’ve only shared a measly four photos to keep fan’s curiosity at bay. But this classical music lovin’ gal is hooked and I’m totally looking forward to some more stills from the drama. I’d be really interested in the OST too and whether Jelly actually learned to play the piano to more effectively play her role as gifted pianist Fang Xiao Wo.

Will putting two musical prodigies together produce the most sweet sounding melodies or will it end with a discordant note? Can’t wait to let these two show us what they’ve got! But for the mean time, here are some stills to satisfy you – just maybe, imagine the sonorous sounds of a Chopin Nocturne or a Beethoven masterpiece wafting up from that gorgeous grand piano for now.. at least until a new trailer comes out!
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