Moonshine and Valentine’s Li Jiaming and Liu Yongxi Go Public With Relationship as They Join Variety Show

I don’t know about you, but with the depressing state of things happening right now in the world, I wouldn’t mind watching light-hearted shows to counter balance all the negativity. Now I’ve been known to occasionally binge watch episodes of Say Yes to the Dress as a guilty pleasure, so Mango TV’s new variety series Before Wedding 婚前 21 天 about couples planning for their wedding is something totally up my street. 

As part of the show’s promotional activities, it was just announced that co-stars Li Jiaming and Liu Yongxi from the 2018 drama Moonshine and Valentine will be joining the cast! And since the show is all about couples getting hitched, these two have truly outted their relationship to the public. Nonetheless methinks this is definitely a happy turn of events in real life for Liu Yongxi who played Victoria Song’s bff in the drama. Caught between two handsome foxes, we now know that she’s ended up with Kuan Yong as her very own fox boy (in human form!). With the announcement, Victoria also sent in her congratulations to the couple via social media. [EDITED] The male cast did the same for Li Jiaming. Johnny Huang commented, “wa wa wa” with a heart-eyed smiley while Li Shen wrote “ai ya ya.” with a party popper emoticon and a huge smiley. 
Check out the teaser the couple shared on both their social medias and where they tag each other ?. You’ll definitely get some nostalgia with scenes taken from Moonshine and Valentine.
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