Mike He Celebrates White Valentine’s Day With His Daughter

A month after Valentine’s Day, the Eastern part of the world has just finished celebrating an event that will require men to give gifts back to the ladies who gave them chocolates during Valentine’s Day. This is called White Valentine’s Day that is mostly observed in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. Mike He (Cambrian Period) had a special celebration with her daughter who was donned in an Audrey Hepburn-like outfit that he posted on social media.

Mike He’s 3 year-old little girl is just looking so cute and adorable in her old Hollywood ensemble with a matching Tiffany & Co. paper bag to complete the look! He captioned this set of photos with, “With my little lover ???“.
The 36 year-old actor is set to have his Taiwanese drama comeback after 6 years with a drama tentatively titled in English as Skywatcher, said to be a remake of hit Korean drama Goblin. It was heartwarming to see that despite his busy schedule, he managed to spend this wonderful event with his daughter. Looking forward to seeing more of his photos with his little girl!
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