Li Ronghao Grumbles About His Tattoo That Won’t Fade

With all that’s going on in the world right now, it’s always nice to have some comic relief though I feel a tad guilty that it’s at the expense of someone else. Apparently, singer-songwriter Li Ronghao had gotten himself a sticker tattoo. His stylist reassured him that it would come right off once he goes home to take a shower so he started rubbing it in the shower that night.  Alas, it’s been half a month and he still has half a tiger on his chest that won’t come off no matter how hard he rubs. He adds, “Skin cracked several times, very good.” 

His wife Rainie Yang commented on his post on social media, “Ha Ha Ha” while her former 4 in Love bandmate Sunnie Huang also couldn’t resist posting a laughing emoticon while saying hi to Li Ronghao. At least he himself found amusement in his predicament as he said that he’s acquired the talent to DJ on his chest.

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