Leo Ku Shares Photos of His Newborn Son Kuson

Less than a week after revealing that he and his wife have become parents to a baby boy, proud dad Leo Ku took to social media to formally introduce baby Kuson with adorable photos to boot. He wrote on behalf of his son, “Hi everyone, I am Kuson, the new arrival, appreciate your guidance!” 

It’s no secret that the couple have been wanting kids as Leo had mentioned in the past. He and his wife Lorraine Chan got married in their 40’s and Lorraine gave birth in her 50’s which makes it a high-risk pregnancy. Some celebs may go to great lengths to keep their kids away from prying eyes but I kinda love that Leo just seems so excited and ready to introduce his little one to the world. Everyone seems to say that Kuson looks a lot like Leo. I can never tell but he’s definitely a cutie. Leo also shares that Kuson has two meanings, one is about striving for success and the other one is about being full of love.
It was only recently that Leo Ku and his Romance of the Rain co-stars Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Alec Su and the rest of the cast reunited for different appearances. I still can’t believe it’s been 19 years. Time sure flies.  
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