Leaked Video of Yang Rong Violated Her Privacy After Being Filmed Having a Meal with a Man at Home

Today, some disturbing images surfaced of actress Yang Rong in the internet. Now there’s nothing alarming about the video per se – nothing quite risqué or scandalous since it’s just of her having dinner with an unknown male.  The truly unnerving part is the fact that it was taken when the actress was in the comfort of her own home where she’s supposed to feel safe.

In response to the intrusion, the actress through her management company Huanyu Entertainment issued a statement saying that the move seriously violates the actress’ personal privacy causing great distress to her. Moreover, the statement also indicated that they have already sought help from security organizations and reserved the right to pursue legal retribution from the parties responsible.
Now some people might argue losing their privacy is the price of fame, and yes while it’s hard to stop fans from excitedly photographing their favourite stars when they bump into them somewhere, there’s something creepily deliberate (and voyeuristic) about paparazzi taking photos of you in the privacy of your own home.  Gossip rags and paparazzi hoping to make a quick buck off of the stars are constantly nitpicking at them and making up stories as in Yang Rong’s case but really a line must be drawn. Bottom line is, everyone deserves to keep a few aspects of their life private no matter their job or social status. If there’s no respect, hearing more stories of celebs pushed past their limits coming to blows with paparazzi is inevitable and that is something we definitely don’t want to see happen.
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