Ju Jingyu Warns Netizens Against Scammers Pretending to be Her

Legend of White Snake actress Ju Jingyiis the latest celebrity to be impersonated by shameless scammers to fleece fans out of their money. In the actress’ case, the criminals managed to dupe unsuspecting fans out of 100,000 RMB (approx. 14k USD) by purchasing a special QQ account so that they can pretend to be Ju Jingyu. Luckily, police were able to catch on quickly and arrested the two culprits for cyber fraud. They were also able to recover the 100,000 and return the money to the victims.

The sheer audacity and the extent scammers are willing to go to is quite unbelievable which is why both police and also the actress have taken great pains to remind people to be more vigilant. Responding directly to Chuzhou Police’s post about the incident, the actress reiterated that she doesn’t have a QQ account. “No QQ, no QQ, no QQ, everyone please be careful! Don’t be fooled again!” 
For criminals who are up to no good, Ju Jingyi Studio also posted a warning on its social media page, asking everyone to “please beware and be vigilant to guard against fraud by criminals impersonating artists and their company staff. We need everyone’s help to look out for this sort of bad behaviour and its negative effects and to assist in gathering evidence to foster a good social environment for everyone.”
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