Jiro Wang Who’s Also an Avid Cosplayer Gives a Tour of His House

With all the news surrounding Fahrenheit, it really feels like a chance to get to know the boys again. This year alone, Calvin Chen got hitched, Wu Chun and his family are doing a reality show and Aaron Yan got candid about the past. Now, let’s catch up with Jiro Wang who actually guested alongside Calvin on the Youku show Hua Hua Wan Wu

Given that part of the show gives viewers a glimpse of what the stars have in their homes, Jiro who lives with his mom gave a tour of their study, their kitchen, his personal gym equipment, his unusual squat toilet and finally, his special room that houses his prized collection of seven life-size Kamen Rider figures. Any fan of Jiro’s would know that the actor is a dedicated cosplayer. He also joked that one look at his kitchen and it’s obvious that the place is missing a lady of the house. It’s turned into a storage for his boxes of action figures that fill the floor and surround the stove. 
When asked if he makes money from cosplaying, Jiro says that his hobby is more for his personal satisfaction. After he achieves the look, he’ll then send it to his friends. He even pays for a ticket to attend anime conventions and the like without revealing that he’s Jiro Wang. Although he admits that he got found out once, which is why there’s a running joke about finding Jiro at any convention since he’d be the one with the best costume. 
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