Jimmy Lin Celebrates 28 Years in the Industry!

I can’t believe one of Taiwan’s OG idols, Jimmy Lin, is celebrating his 28thyear in the industry! It only seems like yesterday when I remember my older cousins going crazy over him. Hard to believe it’s already been 28 years. The actor, known for his baby face back in the day may already be a father of three, but he’s still looking quite young at 45!

To commemorate the occasion, Jimmy shared a photo of himself with a cake and candles numbered “28” sticking out. If you didn’t know any better, why it looks like he’s celebrating his 28th birthday! What do you guys reckon? I think he can pass for 28. Anyway his wuxia drama The Legendary Siblings, about two brothers separated at birth that became martial arts masters, has just gotten itself a remake on its 20thanniversary this year.  And Jimmy’s character Xiao Yu’Er is now played by actor Chen Zhe Yuan in the newer version entitled Handsome Siblings
the legendary siblings 1999
The Legendary Siblings released in 1999 where he co-starred with Alec Su probably holds a special place in the actor’s heart since it is after all his very first TV series.  According to Jimmy, if he had the opportunity to do it all over again, he will still pick Xiao Yu’Er. But then if they based it on his current looks and physique, he says he can only play Xiao Yu Er’s dad! 
Anyway here’s a throwback at Jimmy as Xiao Yu ‘Er in his very first foray into television – 
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