Jeremy Lin Cautions Against Racism Triggered by the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus extending its dark tentacles from Asia to the rest of the world, alarming stories of folks being picked on and their businesses being vandalised just because they’re Asian have been cropping up all over the news. People are running scared, but this sad state of affairs is pretty disheartening particularly when you know the virus doesn’t really choose a race or a nationality. 
Former New York Knicks basketball player Jeremy Lin who now plays for the Beijing Ducks wrote a heartfelt plea on his Instagram to ask people to stop the hate and instead focus on the good things – like the man who made 16,000 for frontline healthcare workers, the doctor who lost his life fighting the virus, or Meera Solanki who was knocked unconscious whilst defending her friend from a man shouting racial slurs and even people from Inner Mongolia who kindly sent 2500 tons of potatoes to virus stricken Wuhan. In the midst of a crisis, let us instead focus on the shining beacon of hope, he says. 
“Stay together and fight on! Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been monitoring coronavirus and the darkness it’s casted over the world. News headlines of racism, xenophobia, attacks on Asians and decaying trust towards people. All heartbreaking and the opposite of God’s kingdom. But for every fear-inducing headline, I see hope. I see doctors and nurses fighting the front lines in China, Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy and more. I see people helping people in countries regardless of race or background. Talk less out of hate, more out of empathy. Lets talk about the man who made 16,000 meals for frontline workers. Lets appreciate the doctor who postponed his wedding and then tragically lost his life fighting the virus. He’s a hero.Lets be inspired and demand justice for Meera Solanki who defended her Asian friend against an aggressive man in Birmingham only to be knocked unconscious. Lets follow suit and take action like Inner Mongolia who sent 2500 tons of potatoes to Wuhan. There are many examples of racism but also countless examples of hope – May Lee and her podcast, the Guardian Angels group, companies donating masks, all the bold frontline workers and more. Dont criticize unless youre willing to be a part of the solution. With my bball foundation in China, we’ve donated 1 million RMB to get medical equipment to Wuhan. I’ll also be donating an additional $150,000 towards fighting this virus. Let’s all do our part to quarantine, wash our hands vigorously, wear a protective mask to avoid germs spreading and do our part to share facts and preventative measures. Stay together, fight on! Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good — Romans 12:9
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