Jaywalk Studio Shoots Down Rumors of Dilireba Leaving the Agency

Lately, there have been rumors (again) about Dilraba Dilmurat leaving Jaywalk Studio, her agency of many years since graduating from Shanghai Theater Academy.

Dilireba made her acting debut in the TV drama Anarhan in 2013. She put her name on the map as a supporting role in the hit drama Sword of Legends in 2014 and the rest of her rise to fame is history. This year saw Dilireba reprising her role as the lovely Feng Jiu and main protagonist in Eternal Love of Dream.

However, there were rumors that Dilireba’s contract with Jaywalk Studio was ending and that she’s already found another agency. To quell the rumors, Jaywalk Studio says, “The cooperation between Reba and Jaywalk Studio is very stable and both parties are happy. The contract has not expired yet and there is no change.” 


So there you have it, it seems that the rumors had it wrong after all. Even so, it seems that some fans are unhappy. In the past, there was always some criticism towards how Jaywalk has been managing Dilireba’s career. Dilireba reportedly does not have her own independent team even though she has her own studio in name. It’s also common practice for Jaywalk to bring exposure for their many artists by putting them in one drama. As a result, Dilireba is often working with the same people. 

Despite her popularity and numerous variety shows, Dilireba once admitted that her choices are limited, her agency selects the scripts and there aren’t many good ones which is why she didn’t have an acting project for more than half a year in 2019. Even for her latest project Eternal Love of Dream, some fans felt that Jaywalk did not promote Dilireba well. 

I’m hardly in the know to really gauge what would be a good move for the actress but if she’s indeed happy with Jaywalk, I wish her more freedom and success. 
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