Janine Chang Hides Cropped Hair Under a Wig for 5 Months While Filming New Suspense Thriller

As proven many times before, actors are willing to go to great (or short) lengths for a role even if it boils down to chopping off their signature locks to play a part. 

I mean, come on how awesome was Zhou Dongyu when she traded in all her hair for a bald look to star in Better Days with Jackson Yee? And let’s not forget that iconic scene of a sobbing Natalie Portman having all her hair shaved off in front of the camera for her movie V for Vendetta. A simple change in hairstyle can really be transformative!
Following in the footsteps of these daring ladies is Detective Chinatown actress Janine Chang who lobbed off close to 20 cm of her tresses to play a savvy crime detective in her new thriller Ji Hun 緝魂 or Soul Hunt(lit) . I think it’s the shortest she’s ever had her hair since her debut! The actress has actually been sporting her new cropped ‘do in secret since last November and had to hide it all under a wig just until the stills for her movie have been released. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, the actress says she’s very much relieved to finally wear her real hair out.
I really didn’t do it on purpose ….just intentionally?! Haha I finally don’t need to hide it anymore!” writes the actress.
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