Idol Producer Trainee Huang Shuhao Almost Unrecognizable After Entering Monastic Life

Former Idol trainee Huang Shuhao surprised everyone into thinking he’d exchanged civilian life for one of solitude as a monk when he revealed a completely new look in snapshot he posted on his Instagram.  But no. While Shuhao’s surprising makeover featuring a fully shaved head and shaved eyebrows is indeed in preparation for his ordination into monastic life, the idol trainee who’s originally from Thailand is only undergoing a short term stint as a Buddhist monk in his native country following Thai tradition. 

Huang Shuhao aka Mark Vachara placed #43 in 2018’s Idol Producer 偶像练习生. While he didn’t go on to debut in the group Nine Percent, he caught viewer’s attention for his rendition of Rong Yi Dong Qing de Ren 容易动情的人.
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