Han Hong Thanks the Stars, Reveals that Jackson Yee Asked to Go to Wuhan at the Height of COVID-19

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis in China, there were many stories about the outpour of support from people who were willing to help. Now that the country recovers, singer-songwriter Han Hong whose charity foundation was often in the headlines for working tirelessly during the crisis wrote a long post to thank the stars that willingly volunteered their help. 

Translation as follows: 
As of today, it has been 57 days since goods from the Han Hong Charity Drive were rushed to Wuhan on New Year’s Eve. It also marks the end of the material donations for the ‘Aid Wuhan’ drive. 
Next, our focus will be towards assistance for families with difficulties and deaths. In these 57 days, no matter how hard, our procurement and donations never stopped. People sung their praises to “Han Hong,” but I have to say repeatedly, this “Han Hong” is not one person but a group of people. Today, I want to thank our volunteer team of celebrities!
Thank you to the first batch of donors: Guo Xiaodong, Cheng Lisha, Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong and Jackson Yee. The first batch of disinfection supplies purchased were through the donations made by Guo Xiaodong and Cheng Lisha. Later on, the donation list expanded to 216 individuals. 
Thank you to the overseas procurement team: Jiang Xin, Tan Weiwei, Ma Su, Stefanie Sun, Jane Zhang, Han Geng, Celina Jade, Huang Qishan, Guo Jingfei, Bai Baihe and Tang Wei. This team had a tough time! Due to the time difference, they needed to work through the night to connect overseas and also work during the day to coordinate domestically. They worked 24 hours and were responsible for procurement in over 20 countries that included the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Australia, Turkey and Thailand. Not only through phones and the internet, they often paid out of pocket to fly to the field in order to conduct negotiations and inspect the goods. I would also like to thank Tan Weiwei’s partner Chen Yifei, he was this group’s interpreter and it’s difficult work!
Thank you to the domestic procurement team: Yuan Quan, Wang Han, Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Deng Chao, Wang Zhengliang, Jin Chi, Qin Lan, Huang Xuan, Lou Yixiao, Xiao Shenyang, Chen Xiao, Zhang Yishan and Yu Xiaoguang. At this stage, masks have become very hard to find domestically and we were able to donate huge amounts everyday because of the efforts of the domestic team!
Thank you to the information collection team: Ni Ni, Angel Wang Ou, Yisa Yu, Chen He and Lei Jia. They worked day and night to collect information from various hospitals that needed help, allowing us to make our donations more targeted and to make the use of funds more valuable!
Thank you to the negotiations team: Chen Xuedong and Ji Jie. How did they turn themselves into experts at bargaining? 
If you ask me for a mask expert? I would say Chen Ming, Jiang Xin, Guo Xiaodong and Ma Su. They learned on the go, able to memorize the different types of masks and technical parameters. 
And there’s Jackson Yee, this quiet child. When the Han Hong logistics team in Wuhan were all exhausted, Jackson Yee really wanted to go to Wuhan to be a porter. That was the worst of the epidemic in Wuhan and everyone was trying to stay away. I remember that in order to stop Jackson Yee, I lost my temper, hung up the phone and cried.
Special thanks to the captain of this team of celebrity volunteers: Teacher Chen Ming. She is disciplined, meticulous, strict, and proper. She is a qualified leader. 
Finally, I would like to state that the work of the celebrity volunteers were conducted under the supervision of medical experts and professionals, so I would like to thank the teachers from the Han Hong medical team!
There are also some celebrity friends who put money directly into the accounts, I’m not even able to name them. 
My fellow friends and colleagues, thank you! During these sad and difficult times, you are my comfort and my strength! We held each other’s hands to work for the country and to protect lives! This is a memory I will always remember! I am eternally grateful to you! Thank you to all the donors for their trust in me and their support for me and the foundation. Xiao Han makes a bow!
The letter is short but the love is long. This winter is unforgettable.
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