Guan Xiaotong Sighting at A Hospital Spurs Rumours of the Actress Being Ill

With the Coronavirus epidemic still a legit concern amongst folks, people are understandably quite sensitive (even bordering on being paranoid) when it comes to people going in and out of hospital. Which is probably why a recent sighting of actress Guan Xiaotong at a local hospital fully kitted out in head to toe black including a black mask spurred a flurry of speculation of being unwell amongst Netizens. 

Like many others, the actress is back to work at Hengdian Film and Television City after a long hiatus from filming. It was while here that she was photographed going to a nearby hospital with her mum. As expected, imaginations have been going wild but really, the actress is actually in good health as confirmed by her staff. There’s nothing to worry about as Guan Xiaotong was just following the routine health inspection stipulated by the studio before being allowed on set.
With the drama industry slowly stirring back to life and work resuming for a couple of dramas like Deep Lurk 迷局破之深潜, Rose in the Storm 小风暴之时间的玫瑰, Dear Military Uniform 亲爱的戎装, Gossip Girl 了不起的女孩, Game Changer 危机先生 andLove is True 我是真的 etc, we can definitely expect to have more sightings of celebs entering and exiting the hospital. So before any more speculation arises, it’s probably best to keep in mind that our favourite stars are just likely to be following the required pre-work check up before beginning to worry about them.
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