Forget You, Remember Love (2020)

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since Joe Chen and Ming Dao captured everyone’s hearts with Taiwanese drama classic The Prince who Turns Into A Frog? Here we are again with another Chinese remake even if we already had Tang Yan and Roy Qiu in Waking Love Up 9 years ago.

From one Put Your Head On My Shoulder star to another, Xing Fei surprises us with the upcoming premiere of  Forget You, Remember Love 忘记你,记得爱情 with co-star Jin Ze (Hello Joann 2). This 38-episode drama had a lot of casting rumors and not much promotion was done so to see this coming in a few days is a treat to fans who have been waiting for updates about this drama.
Xing Fei will fill in the shoes of Joe Chen as Ye Tian Yu who is a scheming and money-hungry lady who will have a fateful encounter with the male lead as he saves him from an accident.
Contrary to rumors and casting news posted earlier, it will be Jin Ze who will follow Ming Dao’s steps as Shan Jun Hao. He is the typical rich, ruthless, and cold-hearted business heir but this will all change after he gets into an accident – causing him a total personality change.
Starring in this drama are mostly newcomers with Jiang XingchengLi ZhengjunWen Yuan and Julaiti with more experienced actors in Joyce Chao as the female lead’s mother after being the male lead’s fiance in the 2005 version and Alex Dong (he was Shan Cai’s dad in Meteor Garden).
I didn’t grow up watching the original version but I surely had a childhood memory that it was airing on TV. Being a Taiwanese drama enthusiast, I checked the series out a few years ago but it wasn’t my cup of tea. One thing was for sure – I totally understood why it was such a hit back in the days. The year was 2005 so seeing elements of amnesia, poor-girl-meets-rich-man, rich-man-falls-in-love-with-poor-girl, and add up lots of comedy and romance in between must have been refreshing and would make one great hit.
As a huge drama fan, I have mixed reactions about seeing a surge in remakes. While it’s great to have a trip down memory lane, it makes me wonder if people are running out of creative juices to come up with new story lines. Although I like the fact that the people behind such remakes are actually thinking about bringing such classic stories to the younger generations, it also brings pressure to them and also the actors to fill in the shoes of their predecessors. 
The Taiwanese version was record-breaking during those times and sealed Joe Chen and Ming Dao’s positions as prime time queen and king of TV. So I’m definitely wishing all the best for this drama to be successful as well!
Release Date: March 23, 2020 via Mango TV and Tencent (two episodes every Monday-Wednesday at 8pm). VIP users can watch 6 episodes in advance.
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