Fish Leong Rants About Experience at the Supermarket and Stresses the Need for Social Distancing

As medical personnel work tirelessly to fight the spread of COVID-19 all over the world, the least we can do as civilians is to practice social distancing, wash our hands and just stay home as much as possible.

In a rant on social media, Malaysian singer Fish Leong reminded everyone not to underestimate the pandemic as she recounts her recent experience at the supermarket. She was falling in line to pay at the cashier when she noticed that the distance between every person is not even 5cm. She suggested to the cashier to broadcast an announcement to tell people to observe social distancing when in line. When the cashier said that it cannot be helped, Fish got really mad.
She says, “Please say you tried before saying you’d leave it up to fate, if you don’t take care of yourself and your family, then you are also a perpetrator, so please take care of yourself. She also shares a photo of what social distancing should look like. Like many celebs who now take to social media to connect with fans, the singer sang a rendition of Blackbird that she posted on Instagram. 
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