First Look at Lin Yi Wanting to be Xu Lu’s Boyfriend in Love Scenery

What will happen if two very passionate and hardworking people cross paths and eventually find love? That is exactly what modern romance drama Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 is all about. You may think that the plot sounds cliche but it even gets better with Lin Yi (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) being a popular gamer and a computer whiz while Xu Lu (The Longest Day in Chang’an) is an aspiring musician. 

Its one-minute teaser showed Lin Yi’s Lu Jing being stricken by his love for Xu Lu’s Liang Chen on a winter’s night with his voiceover “I don’t just want to be your fan, I also want to be your boyfriend.” The two share a passionate kiss after he carries her to the kitchen counter. It just had me say “Wow!” out loud because that was definitely a different Lin Yi that I saw compared to how his character was in his previous drama.
The teaser did not show any of the plot elements that I mentioned earlier which made the drama more intriguing. Part of the story is Lin Yi’s character being a fanboy of Xu Lu’s so it would be very interesting how this will unfold. Even with just these little bits, there is no doubt that I will check this drama out because it already showed how much chemistry these two already have.
What about you? Will you be checking this drama out?
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