Fans or Hackers Attempt to Get Into Li Xian’s Instagram Account

Social media hacks are increasing day by day and if you’re a celebrity or an influencer who has a ton of followers, the chances of you being targeted are even higher. That’s the hair raising situation Go Go Squid! actor Li Xian found himself in when several notifications of attempts to reset his IG password and access his account popped up on his email.

Followed by 1.6 million fans, the actor usually posts selfies of himself and his travels as well as updates on his projects on his Insta account. Pretty sure any weird posts peddling stuff or redirecting fans to different accounts to follow won’t go down so well hey.
Li Xian’s Studio has also issued a warning to folks with malicious intent, saying “the privacy of an individual’s personal account on social media should be respected and protected. Please stop malicious acts that infringe on the privacy of others, or we will hold you accountable for the violations to Mr. Li Xian ’s privacy.” 


Screenshots shared by Li Xian Studio of the numerous attempts to change his password

Who do you think is responsible for the attempted breach? Hackers or overzealous fans? I’m leaning towards the fans simply because of the multiple failed attempts. But either way, this is definitely a worrying issue. 
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